Progress at Malcolm’s Rise

When we bought our lot ten months ago, it looked like this:


After one more weekend of land clearing (there have been several now), it looks like this:
14038866440_f89e1a90af_zAdditionally we have a name for our property (Malcolm’s Rise), a builder, a set of drawings of our cabin-to-be (will share when we get the final version) and a general idea of when the building will start. We also have the beginnings of what will be a massive woodpile:

14225470655_c507bd4174_zIt was good to get back up there and finish up the clearing of the build site this weekend – I’ve missed it since our December burn, though we couldn’t even see much of the land on that trip, it was so frozen. I expect we’ll be here one or two weekends a month for the foreseeable future. Next trip will be focused on finishing the outhouse (still needs a seat, a door, steps, a stain job and some wire around the bottom).





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