What are we eating? Three weeks of meal plans

A frequent dinner in our house – tapas!

It’s fall and time for new things – and what better way to herald a new season than by trying out some new recipes?

So I’ve made a meal plan for the next three weeks that relies heavily on Mark Bittman and also incorporates some of the food blogs I read. Meal-planning makes shopping easier, ensures we use ingredients already on hand, and makes it a breeze for anyone in the household to prep dinner depending on schedules. The themes for this menu are:

  • very-little processed food
  • balanced
  • gluten-free options – which means most meals are gf, but those which aren’t can be eaten without the wheat-component (like a bun) or have an acceptable gf substitute (gf pasta or rice)

I am so looking forward to each of these recipes!

Week: September 9

Week: September 16

Week: September 30

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