I just went to Dress Sew on my lunch hour……

I’ve been feeling a real sewing urge lately, but the coat I am working on isn’t exactly lining up right and I have been looking for a simpler project to restart my sewing self with. At the same time, I have a distinct lack of shirts and blouses for the cooler season coming up. It’s not that I have *nothing* but I specifically want a couple of tunics, a couple of new pull-overs, and maybe even a blouse or two made out of something satin-y. And so what I ended up with after this lunch hour are six new fabrics – a micro-fibre knit, 2 cotton jerseys (one light and one heavy-weight), a yarn-dyed cotton, a jacquard with some slight stretch, and a crinkle nylon with some silver embroidery. It is a little overboard, I will admit, but shirts are something I don’t make nearly enough of and I wanted to try working with a few different fabrics and patterns this fall in order to determine what exactly it is that I like to make and wear.

I think I’ve picked out patterns for most of them already – some of which I have and some of which I don’t – so on my way back from Victoria on Sunday I might just take a stop at FabricLand to grab the ones I need. Truth is, fabric + patterns will come to $100, which isn’t bad for six garments – so I’m not feeling too bad about the money. Now I just have to find the time.

Also, this month’s Interweave Crochet is out today and has the awesome-est cozy sweater which I so want to make:

The nice thing about something like a sewn top, as opposed to a fully-lined coat or a dress, is that it is a reasonable project to take on over a couple of evenings – so I’m hopeful that if I can get a pattern to fabric match worked out by the end of this weekend, I can move through each project quickly and have six new shirts in my wardrobe by the end of this month. Let’s see if I can do it! Pictures will follow of anything that gets finished.


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