The Berg Lake Shawlette

One thing I love about crochet is that it’s so incredibly portable. Small projects are small and fit well into a backpack, a purse, or any other go-bag – and they weigh next-to-nothing to carry.

On the recent trip to Berg Lake (pictured above with ice bergs)  I managed most of a small shawl/scarf project which I finally got blocked this week. I could have blocked it a bit straighter, but overall I am quite happy with how it turned out:

There should be some more handmade project updating soon as I am working on a scarf, have a simple dress in my sights and have just ordered 18 yards of fabric with which to make closet and window drapes for the upstairs….. So hard to find the time in such a busy summer, I definitely love the small projects I can carry around wherever I go!

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