A little summer in life…..

We are one step closer to owning the land at Link Lake – deposit being paid yesterday and all. By this time next week we will actually own it!

A little piece of pine-beetley land to call our very own. It’s very exciting. The day after we take legal possession we are planning a one-day road trip to go look at it again, take measurements, and figure out what the first tasks we need to get done on it are. Mostly? Wood clearing, and we have a backhoe guy booked for a couple days of work in August. We really need to pull the old cabin off to the side until we can burn it in the winter.

This weekend we are heading up to Pemberton for the wedding of Brian’s cousin – which shall be lovely all out on a beautiful summery farm that they’ve rented for the occasion. Weddings aren’t normally my thing, but the chance at a weekend out of the city in the middle of July, plus the fact the folks getting married are awesome = win! Plus Brian and I are playing some Hank Williams as part of the end of the ceremony – so there’s that to look forward to as well.

As I was writing this I realized that after six years of being with Brian, going to spend time with his family really feels like going to spend time with my family — in a good way — as in feeling pretty comfortable all around.

I am pretty much all back to normal after returning from the Rockies. Well-rested after a few good nights of sleep and back in my routine of walking to work in the mornings. I’m all over the garden right now, and crocheting a second scarf in two weeks…. feeling a mad need to sit in a sunny spot and make things or read magazines right now.

We are busy on our return, but only with things of our own choosing (aside from work that is) — meeting with the land partners, playing music, spending time with family — so it doesn’t feel too hectic. I am very much looking forward to having the paperwork for the land finished which involves one meeting with the bank and one meeting with the notary next week.

I am quite high these days from the good weather…



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