Canning all the things.


A brief post to track the first of the season’s canning. I’m hoping to keep a running tally so I can capture the total poundage of fruits and vegetables that make it onto the shelves in my bi-annual canning madness. So far this year I have put up:

  • Rhubarb: Six lb. (Ketchup and stewed with raspberry jam from last year)
  • Asparagus: Eight lb (Pickled)
  • Apples: Forty lb. (Sauce)

One thing I’m feeling very smart about is the fact that I did my apples early using the end of last season’s storage apples. Every year we do a huge can in August and so I often miss out on doing apples because I am all canned out. Since we’re just getting started, and last year’s apples are very very cheap, thirty jars of sauce (flavoured with honey, vanilla and cinnamon – it’s my best batch ever) seemed about right.


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