Dear February

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Dear February 2013;

You have been an odd month for me. High points were the Urban Crow Cabaret and turning 40 on snowshoe at Cypress Mountain. But the anxiety mid-month and now the fact my boss is critically ill and might not live – those have really thrown me for a loop. I’m just glad I have a supportive and loving household and community – not to mention creative projects that helped to brighten your grey days.

For the first time ever I have taken a photo a day of textile-related projects – the challenge was actually to start something new each day and photograph it but I just don’t work that way (I need to work to a finish) – and that’s given me an interesting visual record of just how much I do incorporate making into my life. This project spurred me on a bit as well – and I managed to start and finish two dresses, block a shawl, complete a washcloth set and get 3/4s of a sweater done as well as selecting fabrics for March projects, starting a wedding quilt, and adding to my hexagon stash for a quilt and napkin project.

Fortunately I have a couple nice weekend activities planned to start off my March,  plus a plan to purchase some bright fabric for dress-making – so despite the limbo my boss seems to be in – I’ve got some distractions. And frankly, a perspective on life that is deeply grateful to be well and able to experience the blustery day outside.

One other thing that has occurred to me this week is that I am very lucky to work with people who care, and who support each other. It’s been difficult for our work unit to have our boss go into the hospital and then into ICU so suddenly (and we don’t know for what reason) – but we’re talking through it, trying to figure out how to support the workload, and generally hanging in together. For all the things I don’t love about my job, I’m very fortunate to know many of the people I work with.

So February 2013, it’s been a month of learning and making and growing. Up and down – and into March.

Love, Megan

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