If all you needed was love…


I finished my term paper and had it handed in by 10:30 this morning – which officially leaves me free to live the other aspects of my life until at least mid-January when the school term begins anew! And thus I’ve got the energy to return to this blog with a new (temporary)  writing project – and without the guilt of “I should be working on my paper” hanging over me.

Phew! Now onto the fun writing: Love letters! I’ve recently been alerted to the World Needs More Love Letters which marshals group love-letter writing once a month to cheer up a person in need. From December 3-14 of this year, they are promoting a marathon 12 Days of Spirit writing event in which participants are encouraged to write a letter each day to the project-suggested recipient. I’ve just written my first and it’s sitting by the piano waiting to go out in the post – and I’m dedicating myself to doing this little exercise for the next eleven days hence – both as a way to work my pen and also because I want to live in a world where people exercise this type of indirect reciprocity.

I highly encourage all your spreaders of love and compassion to join in this quest to lift the spirits of someone in need during this holiday season (and beyond) – by writing letters, or by exercising some other act of anonymous kindness. Since working on my term paper I’ve been thinking again about how we achieve the world we want to live in – and I think that the only way is by doing it. That is, finding the space in our lives to be the people of our imagined better world.

But enough philosophy! Letters can be brief and don’t have to take up more than five minutes and a stamp – and for someone who needs love and support, who knows what brightness you might bring them.

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