Pre-atomic bridge.

In lieu of anything witty or crafty, here is a photo of Victoria’s Johnson Street Train Bridge in pieces at the scrap yard. This is the first part of the old blue bridge system to come down in order to make way for a new bridge. Very controversial this decision was, and most people I know in the city still aren’t happy about it. Interesting fact: this pile of scrap metal is pre-atomic steel, meaning that it has very low levels of background radiation. Metal manufactured after the first atomic bombs were deployed, have a higher ambient level of radioactivity due to fallout. Apparently pre-atomic steel is sought after in the production of medical devices, and in experimental physics for this reason.

(I’m in a moment of suspended animation at the moment – mid-term paper. I have three sewing/crochet projects to photograph that will appear here once I get to them. This means finishing the damned paper!)

One Comment on “Pre-atomic bridge.

  1. Seems the only people happy about it are the engineering firms that got the contracts.
    Best quote: “The process might be legit, but this is what corruption would look like.”

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