Design notebook: Raincoast Juliana

I’m three balls into the husband sweater now, and very pleased with the way the pattern is working. A combination of different stitches give the sweater a very pleasing texture that I didn’t expect when I looked at the pictures. A couple of ferry trips and a family visit later – and I’m 2/3rds done the back – hoping to have the whole back section finished by this evening after I get some homework and housework done!

While I was away my mother admired my Purplette Juliana – which I am utterly in love with. (I have now worn it twice, and it really is both a beautiful ornament and a practical shawl for keeping the shoulders warm.) She admired it so much in fact, that I have decided that will be my next project and hopefully in time for Christmas! I ordered the yarn from Sweet Georgia this morning – which can take up to four weeks because it is dyed-to-order. That gives me enough time to finish the husband sweater, while still leaving room before the holidays to get the shawl done.

Here are the colours for my mother’s Juliana (which I’m calling the Raincoast – these colourways are spruce and oceanside):

Beautiful, yes? And I’ve chosen the superwash merino option this time – both for ease of care, and because it will be softer than the nylon/wool blend sockyarn I used before (chosen because it was what was on offer at my local yarn store). Even though I’ve just completed this very pattern, I find myself excited to do it over in a different colourway – which just goes to show how much I love this particular piece.

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