So few words to share…..

Somehow it’s already the middle of November, even though Halloween was like – yesterday. Wasn’t it? Or is it just the normal acceleration of end-of-term, birthdays, Christmas and everything else hurtling in all at once?

Of course, the more I have  to do, the more I just want to hang out at home and make things. Because I’m brain-dead at the moment. Under-slept, over-read, and out of creative solutions to workplace problems. I’ve got a term paper topic now at least, which means I can start writing this week – but when it comes to the blog I have little to say.

So more project photos it is — a stack of eight placemats crocheted this fall to give to my mother on her birthday (this weekend):

I finished the Juliana shawl yesterday too, but it’s blocking so no photos for a couple of days. This is all of my life I can share right now – what I am making, since I feel at such a loss of brain space and words!

4 Comments on “So few words to share…..

  1. Hello, your placemats are gorgeous, I love the color are you going to starch them??? I asked because I’m finishing a tablecloth and then I want to make placemats too 🙂

    • I haven’t starched them because they are a gift and would never get restarched anyway. If I make some for myself, I would probably starch them, though they are heavy enough to hold their shape just fine. I think I would rather not make future iterations of these in 100% cotton though because I am a bit afraid of what a wash and dry might do to them….

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