Totally. No. Cancer.

I totally don’t have thyroid cancer and so I bought a box of chocolates for my co-workers. It’s beautifully sunny and not at all cold outside which made me feel even more victorious as I took my life back and headed out of the hospital this morning.

Above is the progress I’ve made on my Juliana shawl thus far. I am 3/4s of the way through the meshwork and totally in love with the colour combination. Symbolic that I should be working on a wrap for my throat at the same time as being tested for thyroid cancer.I suppose it will be a reminder of the fact of how little we really control.

I’ve been researching yurts and solar power this morning before going to my appointment. Whether yesterday’s land comes together with other people or not, I know there is a yurt and solar system in my mid-range future. I don’t want to be an irresponsible “you-only-live-once” kindof person, but I am also not willing to put off the things that are most important to me. Somehow it’ll get figured out, right?

4 Comments on “Totally. No. Cancer.

  1. Beautiful! Yes, wrap your throat! I am so happy you are healthy and alive and loving life.


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