Sewing notebook: what’s up next?

The first quilt I ever made in 2004. It still graces my bed in the summers when I take the duvet off though it’s mighty faded from washing.

I have been busy the last few weeks, and am leaving town on Friday – but that hasn’t stopped me from being on a bit of a making spree. Sadly, I have no pictures to share right at the moment, but I hope shortly I will be able to share 1) a project I started more than seven years ago 2) a gift I am giving two friends for their “un-wedding” event on Saturday, and 3) an Alabama Chanin-inspired dress that I am packing to work on during my vacation.

Lately I’ve been most inspired by:

  • jersey-knit clothing – cotton and wool
  • hand-dyed and stitched clothing (a la Alabama Chanin)
  • quilts of all kinds, and
  • chevron crochet patterns

And so I am only stuck for a shortage of time to do all the projects I have brewing at the moment. (This of course means I’ve been pinning like mad to capture all the things I want to do so I don’t forget them).

While away I plan to work on the above-mentioned dress (I’ve painted the fabric and constructed the garment, now comes some handstitching), and start a new chevron-patterned blanket using burgundy, red and grey wools (Baaad Anna’s just got a new shipment this week and they have *so* many fab yarns right now). When I return I have my eye on a picnic quilt (backed with waterproof fabric), a lap quilt, and a baby quilt – all of which are small-ish projects (and which will help work through the fabric stash)… and then I hope to return to garments for the fall, and christmas presents too!

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