Up in the garden.

On Sunday night I ate these turnips – oven roasted – with rhubarb ketchup – and they were awesome. I also note that my squash, corn and beans have all germinated and are sprouting nicely, plus I’ve got a good-looking cauliflower, cabbages and brussels sprouts coming up nicely. Greens, of course, tons of greens – some flowers on the tomatoes, the potatoes and the tomatillo….. And fava beans and peas starting to produce (a bit late in my opinion). I am expecting that by the time we get back from Hornby I will have lots of both of those for eating. Before we go I want to plant my next crop of greens and some more turnips, plus fennel (I have a hard time getting it started and so far have been successful with only two plants)….. the coolness of the season is working for me this year as I haven’t felt the need to rush anything in.


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