I just came from my follow-up appointment on the thyroid ultrasound and biopsy I had two weeks ago. That in itself was a follow-up from an ultrasound and biopsy I had in January (inconclusive). As the title of this post suggests, I am pleased to report the final, conclusive result is – I do not have cancer. My little thyroid growth is indeed benign.

And with that I exhale and feel the tension held for so many months evaporate, my body-irritation ceases rubbing against my psychic-self, and I am free to walk out into the rainy Vancouver streets.


4 Comments on “Benign.

  1. lovely! occasions like this can make you so very thrilled to just be breathing, and all the petty whinging just seems so ridiculous. i have my biopsy on tuesday. feeling glad and reassured by your news.

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