Sneak peek: Living Room

We’re not quite finished with the living/dining room yet as we are awaiting some artwork, and need to tidy up some (not to mention hang the second curtain) but I snapped a quick shot today so you can see what our new living room colour looks like.

In case you have forgotten (or never been to our house) – the below is what our living room looked like two weeks ago:

The stunning transformation? Take a look at that lovely yellow and the sheer curtains in place of the Ikea panels that we bought when we moved into the house!

It’s not the tidiest in this photo, but you get the idea. Much nicer colour. I promise more photos of our other changes once we get it all fixed up. Yay for Brian’s willingness to paint before the holidays 🙂



One Comment on “Sneak peek: Living Room

  1. Looks Great!! So warm and sunny – good color choice for grey Vancouver winter 🙂

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