I have decided (for the second time in four years) to unsyndicate my blog from Networked Blogs which is what I use to publish my blog posts to my Facebook page. Why is that? Because I’ve noticed that in the last four months of having all my posts sent directly to Facebook, I have a great tendency to self-censor and omit the things that are actually going on for fear of worrying or offending people who might be on my Facebook feed. Many of those people, I’m sure, would forget all about this blog if it didn’t show up in the feed – wouldn’t bother to come here if it required actively subscribing to the blog – and so I am preferring to return to my smaller circle of readers. That is, those of you who visit without prompting, or who are subscribed to receive post notifications by email.

It just feels cozier that way to me – and it’s not even like I’ve got some crazy, private life that needs to be discussed here – but I want to get beyond worrying about people and go back to just talking to the circle who actually cares enough to show up.

So hell-ooooo! to those of you who do. I’m back to writing about my life in a more intimate way.

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