Two show-offs.

This is the other reason that I wanted to de-link my blog from Facebook – does everyone in the world need to know that I’m showing off stuff that I make? These two items were finished a couple of weeks ago – I’m now onto potholders, placemats, and a crocheted hat/scarf set for Christmas presents which will make an appearance here as early as this weekend (I’m very pleased with this year’s potholders – they have chickens on them!)

This here is a baby blanket that I made for some friends who are due in the new year. It’s my first crocheted blanket project – and went surprisingly quickly, though it is not without an error in the form of an uneven edge. Good thing babies don’t know anything about crochet! I am desparately in love with the colours here – circus-y and I’m hoping attractive to little baby eyes!

This sweater is a re-do of one I made a couple of months ago. I wanted to pare down the size and use a stretchier fabric, plus do something more interesting with the collar-line. I am quite pleased with how this turned out (I am even wearing it to work today), and am planning a third version in a wool/silk combination now that I have the pattern down. Wool fabric is very expensive, so I wnted to get it right first! A friend of mine has also asked for a copy of this, and I just received the wool blend fabric to make hers in the mail last night – so more simple sweaters are on the horizon! Good thing this takes no time to put together!

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