The 1950s Cherry Halter. Finished (almost)

I cleaned out my dress closet last night in order to make room for this latest sewing project – the 1950s Cherry Halter which I have been plotting all summer long. It’s pretty much finished now except for a final mod I would like to do allowing it to be worn either as a halter *or* with straight straps. Besides this photo, this dress will not be making its true debut until a party we are hosting in September. Good thing it’s fully lined!

While I was cleaning out said closet I found a number of clothing items that I really need to put back in circulation – in fact I got rid of very few things and just made sure the rest still fit – and it’s really worth acknowledging here that I probably don’t need anymore clothes. Not only do I have a fair number of skirts and dresses, they are almost all of high quality from the days when I was single and without mortgage and therefore could do thing like spend $150 on a skirt.

On the other hand, I am just learning to sew clothes which means actually doing it, and on top of that I have a hundred ideas for new dresses, shirts and accessories that I just *have* to try even while admitting that I have plenty of nice things. Somewhere in there is a balance, and I’m pretty sure I’ll find it once grad school starts in September and my free time for hobbies is severely curtailed. In the meantime I have dreams of wool, denim and heavy cotton prints for autumn. Cotton scarves backed with wool. Needlepoint embellishments on hemlines. Culottes made of suiting material. And a new pair of tall black boots with a zip up the side to set it all off.  How ridiculously “girl” of me. But fun to have a new obsession for awhile – projects to work on and show off even if I don’t have room for more of them in my closet.

4 Comments on “The 1950s Cherry Halter. Finished (almost)

  1. Thanks Sharai. It turned out as well as I could have hoped. And I now realize that fitted dresses really are much more flattering on me 🙂

  2. The halter style is great and the dress itself is classic and flattering! Love the cherry pattern.

    The closest semblance to sewing I’ve ever done is using a stapler to close up a split seam after I ran up some stairs and tore my skirt open. I gotta say though, the relative $ savings and the personalized fit you can accomplish makes me think it should be something I try and learn.

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