Some sewing notes.

I’m in all-day training at my computer today – wired in with a headset and online meeting software. While I’m listening along – a short post about sewing projects which I am hoping to show off later this week.

First off – I am still working on this dress which I started last week. It’s looking pretty good at the moment – the main dress is complete and hemmed – but I am working on embellishments still so it’s not showable quite yet. By the end of this week my fully-lined cherry fifties halter dress will be complete. A major accomplishment for me. This is my first dress with a full lining and pockets. Additionally, I am going to make the dress wearable as both a halter and with straps (by including buttons on the straps and buttonholes on the back bodice). I’ve had to do quite a bit of pattern modification this dress in order to get the right fit, also a first. I am getting really excited about showing it off!

With B. out of town on a father-daughter trip – I had last night to myself during which I cut out two more A-line skirts that I am hoping to sew up tonight. Both of them are experiments in technique so I decided just to go for the basic skirt that I’ve already made three of this summer in order to have greater focus on the finishing work. I’m also hoping to cut another Sorbetto top this week out of a beautiful piece of voile that arrived in the mail on Friday.

And then I’m going to start on fall and winter wear! Above is a photo of five pieces of wool I picked up at an estate sale on Saturday morning – varying from one to four yards each. I also grabbed some floral cotton and a piece of upholstery fabric and then stopped myself from going any further. I ended up with fourteen yards of fabric most of which I’m plotting winter clothing with. High-quality wool is a rare find these days and at $2 per metre, I’m not as afraid to cut into it as I otherwise might be.

Although not all my fabric purchases are on the cheap – it’s extra satisfying when they are.  One of the skirts I am working on right now will cost me a total of $7 by the time it is done (I’m using a $2.50 piece of remnant linen). A coat made out of the above wool might end up costing $20 with linings and buttons. I’m thinking of splurging on some silk for a Christmas dress and even that won’t cost me more than $50 to put together. Fifty dollars for a silk dress! Which is what is most exciting – being able to own clothes made out of higher-end fabrics which normally are out of my budget off the rack.

I have so many project ideas – I am really looking forward to having Mondays off in the fall. I’m a little obsessive on both the sewing and study (in prep for grad school) these days – and more time to get everything done is very much welcome!

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