More wardrobe additions.

Behold – another new skirt in the wardrobe! Today’s applique design comes from a tutorial at The skirt pattern itself is from Sew Serindipity – it’s the same pattern base as the bicycle skirt, but with one shade of linen-blend instead of two.

This learning to sew garments has me seeing clothing in a whole new way. Never before have I thought – Empire or A-line? Sweetheart or scooped neckline? – when looking at dresses. But lately I am learning to identify just what it is in a dress that I like and want to try out as I leaf through patterns and online dress shops.  I find myself a lot more open to different fabrics, colours and patterns as I have hardly any interest in sewing entirely black pieces (black being the staple of my wardrobe for the last 24 years). And I am loving looking at cute dresses without having to worry about the price. I haven’t looked at a single dress yet which I can’t make for less than $60 – and many pieces are far cheaper than that. Today’s skirt? $10. The linen-look jumper that I’m working on next? I got the fabric and the pattern on sale – $25 total cost.

I did go a bit extravagant today and spend $62 on dress-making supplies to attempt my very first see and make. That is, a project where I see a commercially made dress and then try to find a pattern and fabric to replicate it:

I don’t even know if I can get away with such a vampy dress, but damn – a fifties halter dress in black cherry fabric – who doesn’t need that? The fabric was a bit pricey – since I had to order a Kaufman cotton to get the right cherry pattern, and the dress is fully lined (I bought pink lining on sale for $2 a yard). The Vogue pattern was also on sale and comes from their Very Easy line – so I’m hoping that isn’t a lie.

Before I get to that I’m going to work on my red linen-look jumper and possibly another skirt (pink and brown modish fabric – I’m thinking a cute mini!)

2 thoughts on “More wardrobe additions.

  1. I LOVE the skirt! It looks so wonderful, and the colors and prints you used are so fun! Thanks for sending me the link–I love seeing how you used my pattern!

    1. Thanks Rachel. I really loved the applique design you drafted up and I have *tons* of scraps for such projects. This was a great way to use them and I am in love with my new skirt. Talk about taking a basic linen work skirt and making it fun.

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