Better late than never.

Summer has finally arrived in Vancouver, and we actually had a weekend at home to enjoy it. That meant gardening, canning, drinking, working on a furniture refinishing project, evening hot-tubbing, tidying up the house, picking out paint colours for our living room re-do, a little sewing, and a trip out to Rolley Lake in Mission for a picnic with friends.  Not to mention some reading outloud (B and I are reading Dante’s Inferno which is a school read for me) and a trip to the Bo Laksa King where we became instant converts to the “Special Bo Spice”.

A weekend where we had no specific plans, but made a whole lot of things happen that were what we needed: some re-organization, some outdoor activity, some friend-time, and lots of relaxing.

I’m back at work now and my desk is a mite cluttered. Perhaps later I’ll come back and do some reflecting on the Love letters of Abelard and Heloise which I started this weekend (also for class in the fall). The first letter of Heloise made my heart break on my morning bus ride to work.

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