So far planted in 2011.

Raspberry Cane

Now here’s the garden update! The last couple of days have been really cold and wet, but despite all that, the garden seems to be moving steadily into spring mode with tulips starting to emerge and lots of lovely budding branches (like the raspberry cane here!)

So far I’ve planted the following:

  • Starts: Peas, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, florence fennel and chard
  • Seeds: Oriental greens, deer tongue lettuces, tyee spinach, florence fennel and fennel/herb, cumin, white mustard.
  • Flowers (seeds & tubers): Dahlias poppies,  white mustard, mexican torch, calendula, marigolds and sweet peas.

B. and I also picked up a pond from Craigslist for cheap and have plans to install that in the front yard after returning from holidays – and I’ve got $400 in gift cards (wedding present) for GardenWorks that I’m going to be putting towards the frontyard redesign once I draft up my plan. I’m going for as much edible as I can get in the front yard while still working on aesthetic and paying attention to the months of shade we get from the beech trees on our street. I’m excited about it though – a whole new landscape to start working on as the weather warms. Which isn’t to say there isn’t lots more to do out back…… because I’ve got beans, squash, corn and all sorts of other stuff coming up shortly.

Completely unrelated to the garden, but as a follow-up to yesterday: I got the baby quilt qulted! It’s almost finished (binding is the last step and then it goes to a new home) which I’m hoping to complete this week.

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