What am I working on today?

Garden post later – I’ve got all sorts of stuff planted now and even though it doesn’t feel like it today – spring is here! But since it’s raining and I’ve got the day off – I’m focused on indoor activities. I’ve got 4 sewing projects on the go right now and I’m eager to share them even though they are nowhere near finished:

Project 1:

This is a double-sized quilt that I expect will find its home in our spare room once finished. I’m about halfway through the quilting process and stippling for the first time ever which is time consuming but makes that great stiff quilt effect I love so much. It also uses more thread on a single project than I thought possible. I’m hoping to get another hour of quilting done on this today.

Project 2

Since we have a new table and no table linens for it – I’m making a set of placemats using the mod mosaic block technique and Kona sashing in two colours. After making a few of these blocks I’ve got the hang of the technique behind them and they are quite a lot of fun to put together. I’m making ten placemats in all.

Project 3:

This is actually the first mod mosaic block I made. I was experimenting with making a placemat sized block but then decided that wasn’t the direction I wanted to go in – so instead I’ve got a trivet/hot pad that I am quilting with several different stitches for additional mosaic effect.

Project 4:

And finally….. I got a charm pack of the new line Sherbet Pips in the mail last week and was somewhat disappointed to realize that this line has an awful lot of pink in it. Not that I’ve got anything against pink, but it just does not fit with my home decor at all. Fortunately, I’ve got friends who just had a baby girl and I’m pretty sure would love this motif (little girls on scooters and swings) – so I’ve put together a quilt top using this very basic pattern and a light grey Kona for the sashing. I’m hoping to get this quilted this week since it’s not a very large project.

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