Little update.

Despite the fact I had a 3-day weekend full of visits with good friends, a couple dinners out, work on and in the house, and even a movie on Friday night – I am feeling pretty low this morning as I shrug off the freezing from yet another dentist appointment and try not to get myself too worked up about family stuff.

Again, my blog is not where I talk about this stuff – but it was a rough weekend on the family front and I’m feeling pretty sad about some of the outcomes. Having said that (and the reason I don’t want to write about it), the outcomes are continuing to shift and nothing has settled yet. So I’m hoping that everyone does their own process to cope in the meantime, and I’m attempting to do the same.

Posting here will resume this week…..



One Comment on “Little update.

  1. I hope things clear up soon Megan… and maybe make more sense when the distance of time is added to this situation. Just for the record.. I think you are one of the most patient, generous kind people I know.. even if you feel like a three year old some days.

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