It just gets worse. Harper has got to go.

I can tell from the polls that most Canadians aren’t paying attention to the ethical breaches of the current federal government – the In-and-Out scandal, the Bev Oda affair, the Law-and-Order obfuscation and the criminal assistant to the Prime Minister – but they probably will be next week as either the contempt of parliament charges or the budget are sure to trigger a non-confidence motion that will bring down the government and set us up for another election.

If this is unintelligible to you Americans who read this blog, don’t worry, because most Canadians couldn’t explain the parliamentary system either.

Now, I greatly dislike the Harper government – they are egomaniacal and anti-democratic, controlling and manipulating, and not interested in consensus building (a little like the governors in Wisconsin and Michigan I understand). But I’m not particularly in favour of another election in which the Conservatives end up in the same place with every other party bankrupted. After 3 elections in the past six years, not only are Canadians sick of the whole thing (and turning out in increasingly smaller numbers), but the other political parties are being bankrupted in the process. If there is to be an election, hopefully this time the opposition parties get it and act as an unofficial coalition upon entering the new parliament… you know, actually blocking the attacks on working people through united efforts? Ensuring that more corporate tax breaks aren’t made while everyone else struggles? Stopping the assault on federal workers who have their basic human rights taken away by this government?

Anyhow – this is an older article – but if anyone has any doubts about the megalomania of Stephen Harper, they should feast their eyes on this little exposition of the Harper shrine.  You do know that if this country ever really did become “Harper’s Government” we’d probably be subjected to his portrait printed on our currency as well. I shudder at the thought, as I’m sure most of our non-voting population does as well. What’s it going to take to get people out against the corruption and demagoguery? (Besides a winning leader on the other side which we just don’t have).


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