Waiting for the bees to come.

I don’t have photos yet, but last night our top-bar hive was deliverd by the carpenter I hired to build it. (Yes, I was planning on building it myself but I ran out of time given my limited carpentry skills and the fact the bees will arrive shortly so I hired someone off Craigslist). Now I’m starting to get nervous about getting the bees into the hive when they arrive – but so thankfully, there are about a hundred videos of people doing this on YouTube. Posted above is my favourite, and the one that gave me the most confidence of the ones I watched. I’m not sure about doing this without a bee-hat and no gloves as this fellow does, but the trick seems to be remaining calm even when the bees crawl all over you.

I’ll have pictures of our hive soon, and am busy now reading as much as I can before the arrival of my bees. A little anxious and also a lot excited……

2 Comments on “Waiting for the bees to come.

  1. I just spent a few hours over at K’s, helping to cut the lumber for her top bar hive and I’m SOOOOO excited for both of you… Especially since I can’t commit to bees myself at the moment, it’s thrilling to be able to live vicariously through you! Can’t wait to hear more as your bee adventures progress…

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