Back in town, waiting for spring.

The road to Port Alberni on Thursday afternoon.

I inadvertently took a break from post-a-day this weekend as I didn’t get enough downtime in Victoria to really focus on anything. Blogging a couple of hours in a day where I’m not interacting with anyone. Not because it that long to write a post, but I just need a little space in order to do so.

In any case, I’m back in Vancouver after a somewhat eventful drive to Port Alberni on Thursday where I got stuck on the highway for two hours behind a lineup of cars held back due to a snowstorm over “the hump” (Alberni Summit), and then a trip down the island to Victoria to visit family and friends. Last night we returned home and my beehive carpenter came by to drop-off and set up my beehive, though it was too dark to get a decent photo. I’ve got a little more finishing to do on it which will hopefully get done in the next few days, but otherwise I’m feeling like I’m prepped to get my package of bees! Over at Among the Weeds tomorrow I should have a photo and a bit of a discussion about that.

I’m due to go out of town again on Sunday, but I hope that the long flight to Ottawa and alienating hotel room actually fuel writing in that case rather than stifling it. Still waiting to hear if I can even get a flight out due to some kind of crazy lack of flight availability. Can’t say I’d be sorry if I wasn’t able to go…. I’m feeling the need to spend some time around home right now getting some sewing projects underway and prepping my garden once the ground thaws again (hopefully by next week – we’re having yet another cold snap which is unusual for this late in the winter).

More better postings to come this week once I’ve got my head wrapped around work and home again….. and I’m excited to get some pictures of the garden as it unthaws and our bees come to live there over the next couple of weeks. Spring is coming soon, I’m sure of it. Once more thaw and we’ll be there!

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