Travel planning

As noted in my last post, I’m on a ferry this morning – heading to my in-laws for the night. Back tomorrow, returning to the island Saturday. This is the stupidest Christmas traveling schedule ever. But we do what we can for family, right?

The ferry ride is germane to the reverb prompt this morning – which is travel about travel in the last year, and in the year to come. Specifically it asks “How did you travel in 2010”? To which the shortest answer is CHEAP.

Cheap because we bought a house 18 months ago and our mortgage pretty much demands all our cash above basic living expenses – there isn’t any room inside of that for overseas junkets or resort holidays – though I’m not sure we would spend our money that way even if we could. In 2010, we had several fabulous holiday road and camping trips – to Cathedral Lakes Provincial Park, to the Rockies, to the Island for overnight bed and breakfasts – none of which cost more than gas, camping fees, and the occasional motel.

Of course, there was other travel for me in 2010, all union and work related which I don’t feel much like writing about here except to say that in 2011, I am planning none of this.

At the moment 2011 looks similarly cheap except that we will be using our Aeroplan points to make a couple US trips happen without having to spend crazy amounts on airfare. Our current plan involves Death Valley, California in April with some friends for a camping journey (we will either drive down, or fly to LA and drive up with my friend Aaron) and New York City in October (again we will use points for our flights and stay with family in the city to keep costs low). Other than that – places up for summer holiday discussion include Flores Island, Cathedral Lakes, a different Rockies excursion, or some other fabulous outdoor adventure that involves a drive and some many days spent in the woods after that. Other than the NYC trip, this year is going to be another camping year which is apropos of most of my travel in the past decade. It’s what fuels me through the wet coast winters really – the coming spring/summer/fall adventures in this incredible place that I live.

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