Trying to be me again.

Parties, visits, and spending time with Brian all supersceded blog-posting this weekend, and thus I am behind on my Reverb reflections. Three blog posts to catch up, they are going to be short ones because I’m not super-inspired by the prompts.

Try. I don’t know if there’s anything new I want to try in 2011. While I can think of all sorts of things I’d like to get better at, like to back to – I’m not sure if anything in there is shiny and original.

One thing I know for sure though, is I’d like to try to get back to another kind of me this year – the kind of me who writes and plays music and goes to the gym every day. The kind of me I’ve been when I haven’t been bogged down with faux responsibility and the expectations of other people. These were things I wanted to get back to this year, had plans around in the fall, but got caught up and sent to Ottawa for negotiations and everything fell flat after that.

And it’s not just that I was away, but that the derailing time and again makes me feel so internally hopeless that I just stop for awhile until the itch comes back and I think – yes. I am totally ready to play music twice a week and write every day and get sweaty at the gym again. But there is always a fallow period, and this year it’s coinciding with December which is fine with me because this month is always such a write-off for discipline anyway.

There’s so many things I want try to get back to doing, I’m not sure I have room for anything new!

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