Earth and home.

Healing. What comes to mind immediately when I think of what healed me in 2010 are home and garden. The places to which I retreat when I am wounded or ill. The places Brian and I have created in the last year and a half as I have moved further and further away from a particular kind of life that hurt me badly. An evolution of cocoon and warmth, a fortress from which I can keep disagreeable people at bay, a nourishment of green and earth. We create safety here into which we have entered, arm and arm, a life together. Which is the kind of healing I have needed, that of security and of love building a life in the most tangible of ways.

This, more than anything has soothed and crept into me. Given me hope incrementally, almost invisibly until I realize it all at once as I’m counting my blessings going into the new year. This home is my healing, my garden is medicine, and my future is here not there.

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