Buckets of fabric.

A quick show-off post. Took a three-hour class last night at Spool of Thread (that yummy little sewing shop at the intersection of Kingsway and Fraser) and came away with two sizes of fabric bucket. Once you get the idea, these are pretty easy to make, and also *very* forgiving (of my poor cutting and wobbly sewing!). Not only did I get a great workshop from Lily (talk about a supportive and fun teacher) , I also bought this ridiculously cute fabric at the shop. In all, a productive evening, and now that I have the basic idea I can work on getting my buckets a little more tidy.

2 Comments on “Buckets of fabric.

  1. I warn you from experience, beware Spool of Thread… the fabric selection is amazing & buying it is addictive. I don’t think I’ve ever left there without something. Very dangerous, considering how close they are to my house!

  2. I can totally see that! The only thing keeping me from buying more fabric at the moment is the fact I have so much new fabric for projects at the moment and I refuse to buy anymore until I get some of those projects done!

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