Please raise my taxes.

Dear Mayor and Council,

I am asking for you to raise my property taxes. Seriously.

As a Vancouver homeowner, I am asking that Mayor and Council raise my property taxes rather than facing cuts to Vancouver’s libraries, parks and recreation, and community services in 2011.

Not only that, I hope you will additionally defer the $5 million commercial property tax break and raise taxes for Vancouver’s business owners as well – since all users of city services should be expected to pitch in during the tough times.

To do otherwise in recouping the $5 million shortfall for 2011 is to push our city services to the brink and seriously decrease liveability in our region. Library opening hours, public toilets in parks, and recreation programs in our community facilities are only some of the services essential not only to my family, but to tens of thousands of families in the east side of Vancouver.

I value these services and the cuts you are considering are unfair. To give businesses tax breaks and deferrals while penalizing those with the lowest incomes (those always disproportionately affected by social spending cuts) contradicts the very compassion Vision/Cope Councillors claim to stand for. On the heels of vicious governments at both provincial and federal levels – who have decimated our social safety net – *any* service reduction in our neighbourhoods is too much to accept.

My household can afford the extra $90 (3%) to keep services at their full level in our communities for 2011 – and we ask you to pursue this option rather than cut where it hurts us the most.


Take action and send your own letter to Mayor and Council before December 14th over at Think City.

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