My deer tongue is famous!

My famous deer tongue!

Well. Okay – famous might be an overstatement, but a little seed distributor in California – Annie’s Annuals – has featured my photo in their online catalogue, and I am mighty proud. I’m pretty sure I’ve written about it before – but this Amish Deer Tongue is the nicest lettuce that we grew last summer – and is an heirloom. For BC folks, it is available through West Coast Seeds and can be planted fairly early in the season. Want to try some without buying a whole seed packet? This is one of the plants I saved a lot of seed from last year and I’m happy to do some trade.

One Comment on “My deer tongue is famous!

  1. I’d love to trade something for some of these seeds – check out my seed list, I just posted the final order today!

    Congrats on the photo! I really need to get better about my photos. i need to be more organised and make sure the lighting is right BEFORE I start the project…

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