One word.

Interconnection. That’s the one word I would use to sum up the last year even though I have experienced at least two fairly major ruptures in my organizational and personal affiliations. For the first time in many years, I feel like I am on my right path for discovering new community alliances, sharing skills, and working through what I want and need from friends and allies. I have participated not only in my union in the past year, but continued in my writing circle, joined our neighbourhood group, championed a boulevard gardening project that received grant funding, written two articles for publication in the activist press, gardened the hell out of my backyard, hosted many dinner and wedding parties, and started down the path of apiary studies. All with the goal of connecting to myself connecting to positive social and ecological goals. Even my organizational ruptures are about finding a better place for myself to work from as opposed to retreating or giving up. Most of all, I have formalized my partnership with Brian through marriage, as we have continued to build a world of support and love in our home – and this is about as interconnected as it gets.

For next year, I would like my word to be proficiency, as I have a number of areas in my life – writing, gardening, sewing – where I would like to deepen my skills. This means re-dedicating myself to the practice of each of these things, as much as I currently enjoy the dribs and drabs of process I engage in. I don’t feel the need for greatness in any area, but I do crave high levels of competence.

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