And speaking of proficiency……

On that writing thing, I have a lot of habits that hinder my daily writing practice. Worth examining, I suppose, particularly since its the second prompt and I’m furiously paging through my ideas on the subject. In the last four months, I’ve barely written a thing – mostly owing to the fact that I’ve been working too much and sleeping in whenever I can. Writing for me is a morning affair, I do it when I wake up or it doesn’t happen at all. Mostly because I have to start writing before I start thinking too much – about what I’d rather be doing, about how there’s no point anyway because there are so many better writers than me, about how I’ve got this or that chore that *has* to be done. If I get on it right away, there’s none of that. Problem is, I’ve got to get up an hour early in the cold dark, and that’s been harder and harder as I’ve been struggling with self-worth on a number of fronts this fall. Not to mention getting married and negotiating a collective agreement for tens of thousands of people. i mean, i shouldn’t be too hard on myself given everything that’s been going on.

To make writing happen though, I need the time and space. Not just an hour here or there, but the mental space, which I haven’t had lately with my somewhat frantic pace and demands on my attention from everywhere. I have a goal for the next year that involves giving myself space for all sorts of things – writing, music, hiking, crafting, photography, and academia – because I’ve lived a lot of the last several years for other people and objectives, and I’m missing big parts of myself as a result. Living for myself again, I suppose that’s the answer to what would help my writing practice. I haven’t really done that much lately.

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