Drink Local: Victoria Gin (and spirits)

I know I’m always a little late to the party, discovering things long after other people already know about them – but no matter! I want to rave about this new “find” of ours anyway – Victoria Gin – which is the smoothest tasting and gorgeously-flavoured gin I have ever experienced. Not only that, this is so local, it turns out that the distillery is not far down the road from my parents’ house in Saanich, BC! So no shipping stuff all over hell and back, according to their website the next time I am visiting my folks (between April and October) I can take a little drive down to their tasting room and pick up any of their wares – which now include oaken gin, hemp vodka, aromatic bitters, and distilled wines. In 2013 they will be additionally introducing whisky!

Victoria Gin is made with a variety of organic and wildcrafted botanicals including juniper berries, corriander, angelica, orris root, lemon peel, star anise, cinnamon bark and rose petals and distilled in a wood-fired potstill. Their website says – “The result is an intensely flavored spirit that is as full-bodied and complex as a fine single-malt whisky.” And it’s true. This is gin for gin’s sake! Not some sharp-edged liquor that needs to be drowned in mix.

This stuff isn’t cheap at $50 a bottle, but it is so far superior to any gin you’ve probably had (including Hendricks) that’s it’s money well spent. Not to mention you are supporting a local, small family-run business with every bottle you buy.

We got our first bottle of this as a wedding gift, but I found it at the downtown Vancouver BC Liquor store outlet last night, so it’s out there in the government liquor stores for sure – and private liquor stores will order most things in if they don’t already carry it.

For the record, here is my favourite gin drink at this time of year (in the summer, replace cranberries with fresh strawberries and ice)

A festive gin cocktail

1 oz. premium gin
5 oz tonic water
oranges for squeezing (instead of lime)
frozen cranberries

Stir up the gin and tonic, squeeze half an orange in the glass and garnish with frozen cranberries. Festive!

One Comment on “Drink Local: Victoria Gin (and spirits)

  1. I’m glad you like it! I too think it’s so rad to have local booze to quaff when I’m looking for a something a little harder than wine or beer. Sadly, I really don’t like this gin… I first tried it at the distillery’s tasting, then later in a blind comparison with 14 (!) other gins (we heart gin, chez nous), and it just didn’t suit me. The whisky that these folks are making, however… Now that’s a drink that I’m pretty stoked about. Even when too young to be rightfully given its name, I adored the flavour, and can’t wait for its proper launch in 2013.

    I’m going to go buy some cranberries now, for making your cocktail.

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