Returning to a blog near you.

To put it in the least politically correct way — the fat lady has indeed sung. As of 8:00 this morning our contract negotiations and ratification votes were concluded with a very slim majority voting to accept the agreements as recommended. This, amid much discomfort among our membership as well as other federal employees who view this decision as the writing on the wall. It’s a bit of a guess as to what will happen to government contracts next, but I am just glad to say that my part in all of this is over.

At this moment I am attending the BC Federation of Labour convention which runs until the end of the week. Once this is over, all my non-worksite based union responsibilities will be concluded until the new year. That means I’ve got a little grievance work to do, but otherwise I will be finally back on the job full time. Not to mention back to the gym and better health, back to my real life again.

That also means more writing, more photography, more hiking, sewing, and loving. Hopefully much of which I will find the time to share here.

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