Wandering with the hungry ghosts.

It’s been a week of hungry ghosts and as much as I want to write all about that, now is not the time. Suffice to say that our tentative agreement is being voted on and some people are very unhappy with the union (I should also acknowledge that many people are happy and/or neutral with the deal).

I’m still battling the bronchitis that started last week with the addition of a cold that started on Monday night – but after three days of taking in mostly only fluids (one solid meal a day) I’m starting to feel a bit better today. Still sick, but not as dragged out as I’ve been feeling. For the first time in ages I’m not taking Advil or any other cold medication, so that’s a sign that something is improving.

Beyond that I don’t have a lot to say except that I’m out here, mostly on the road around the lower mainland and hoping that December 1st arrives quickly. Fifteen meetings to go before then.

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