End of season goodness

New raspberry supports - "Telegraph" style.

So much happening since I last posted here, but almost none of it in the garden now that the October rains have started falling. Just before that happened, I managed to get my permanent raspberry “telegraph” posts in, and scored a major haul of plants out of the yard of a friend whose rental house has been sold and is being flattened. I don’t have pictures of it all yet, but we came away with:

  • several large bamboo plants (which I’m using as a natural fence against where my angry neighbour lives)
  • two hostas
  • two blueberry plants (which I have to find room for)
  • some raspberry cane
  • some irises
  • several rosemary plants
  • a mahonia
  • a heavenly bamboo (nandina)
  • chives & parsely

Not to mention a bunch of bricks that we’ve used to complete the edging in our boulevard garden. The generosity of our friend Dave (who owns Elemental Gardens) was just outstanding to us, and I’m excited to see the results come spring as our new plants take hold and flourish. For now we’ve planted the bamboo in containers, but come spring we plant to get an old bathtub and sink it along the fence line in order to contain the plants from running into our (angry) neighbour’s yard.

In other news, on Tuesday night we made our final presentation on the Boulevards Alive! project to the community board who gave us the grant. I’m going to post the photos shortly from that project even though many of the gardens are still in progress because we are technically “completed” now that the money is spent. The board members were really congratulatory on our project and in particular, B made a very eloquent speech about how it was unifying to our community, which they appreciated quite a lot. We’re thinking that perhaps we might put in for another grant next year and I am thinking of perhaps approaching the parks board about putting in a community orchard in Clinton Park. This is a take-off on the community gardens idea, and would be a fruit/nut orchard of about 10 trees (or more) to be tended by the community closest by. We’ll see if there is any uptake on such an idea in our neighbourhood in the upcoming months. Once I’m done with the union work I’m engaged in this fall I’m going to be turning my focus back to the community for some hands-in-the-dirt healing.

4 Comments on “End of season goodness

  1. Do you have an old bathtub for the bamboo? We have one we don’t need or want sitting in storage. Unfortunately, it came with the house. It’s yours if you need it! Got an old toilet too, if you want that… 😉

    • Lisa – Yes! We totally want that tub! Let’s figure out a way to get it moved. I wonder if it’s too heavy to put on top of my vehicle? What type of tub is it?

      • it’s beige enamelled metal, the usual built-in style from the 60s or 70s, I’d guess. It’s probably quite heavy though… a truck or van would be the best way to transport it.

      • Cool. I think we will hire a truck and a guy to move it – probably in the new year? Sure beats having to arrange it over Craiglist 🙂

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