Rolling with the waves (but not drowning).

I had a bit of a blog-crisis earlier this week when I started questioning why I am attempting to write more than one regular blog since Among the Weeds is capturing more of my interests right now. I figured, if I want to write about cooking, growing and sewing – then Among the Weeds could capture those more home-based activities – and why bother writing anywhere else? But then I came across 1001 books (check out the page link up above) and realized that needed some home for writing about reading. And shortly after that, I got an email that indicated the government wanted to enter early and expedited bargaining with my union and I would have to head out to Ottawa this weekend, and where would I write about that personal drama? Not to mention that I like to rant here occassionally, and reflect on things that have nothing to do with what the folks reading Among the Weeds are looking for.

I’ve read articles previously that say the most successful blogs (in terms of readership and advertising dollars) are those which stick to a narrow range of subjects – and it’s at least true for me – unless I’m interested in someone’s personal life in a very great way, I have a tendency to return only to blogs on themes or topics that I want to read about. Right now that entails a lot of blogs about sewing and cooking and gardening – but it shifts depending on what my focus of the moment is.

So onto life: It should come to no surprise any anyone who reads this blog that I am getting married in ten days at Point no Point Resort on Vancouver Island. It’s a small wedding (14 people total), and really low-key. We’ve got pretty much everything under control (dress, licence, rings, food, wine, etc.) so I was really looking forward to just having a nice few days beforehand with Brian to enjoy. Some dinners with friends this weekend, my writing group week, etc.

Sounds nice right?

On Monday my union emailed to say that the government is interested in collective bargaining in an early and expedited fashion (like, right now) – which means the PSAC has decided to reconvene the teams from the previous bargaining round and wants us all in Ottawa on Sunday morning. This Sunday morning. And they want us there through the following two weeks because the government has said we either get a deal during this time period of we hold off until next summer when bargaining was scheduled to commence anyways. This came as a bit of a shock to me, and is entirely unprecedented in the history of public sector negotiatons with Treasury Board (to my knowledge).

Now of course, there was never one crumb of a chance I would move my wedding day just because the federal government came to call – the union didn’t expect that when they realized the date-conflict. (Even though it’s small, we’ve got people flying in and besides the date is symbolically very important (three years exactly to the date/time we met) – not to mention the fact that Brian is the single most important person/thing/relationship/priority in my life.) So we worked out an arrangement whereby I’m flying to Ottawa this weekend for five days (returning Wednesday night) and then back again on the Tuesday morning following the wedding (returning the following Saturday). That way I can both bargain for 80,000 people *and* get married, which seems ridiculous when I write it out like that – but whatever. It’s what I’m doing.

As a super-love-bonus, Brian is returning to Ottawa with me after the wedding so that we can spend whatever snatches of time are available together following the vows. That really makes me feel a whole lot better about things, and my schwack of Aeroplan points really came in handy there. It’s like a working honeymoon in the capital city – and autumn is such a lovely time out there!

The bummer is that I’ve had to cancel everything else except dinner with friends on Friday night – and I’m really hoping that after all this crazy re-balancing that we don’t get out there to find out the government really just wants to give us nothing. I’m really hoping that this is an act of good faith by treasury board….. but so far I’m having a hard time with that one given our past experiences as public sector workers. We’ll just have to see what comes.

At least I live in interesting times right? And with an awesome guy who’s willing to roll with the waves. I think I’ve scored a pretty good life by that count, and I’m going to try to just take the next three weeks as they come.

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