Eating and Tweeting – Some cooking fun.

I feel slightly ashamed for not knowing about this very cool new cookbook coming out since the person behind it is someone I used to know in Vancouver – but nevertheless I wanted to share both the concept and the Eat Tweet Faves for Fall Twecipe Contest with y’all because it is lots of fun in an obsessivey kindof way and if you get on it before the weekend, there might be a prize for you out there.

Basically,  Eat Tweet: 1,020 Recipe Gems from the Twitter Community’s @cookbookcombines the act of “twittering” and recipe-sharing in an exercise that ends up looking like graceful alien poetry. Can’t quite picture it? Well yesterday I twittered:

R-barb Muffins: Cream ½c brnsug/¼c butr +2egg/c sr-crm/1.5 c flr/ ¾ t soda. Mix. Fold 1.5 c r-barb. Grease tin. Dust w sug/cin. 375F 25 min.

Which is a 140-character representation of the Rhubarb Muffins I posted here awhile back. Readable? Well, yes if you break it down into its simplest parts and infer that R-barb is Rhubarb. I was really desperate to emit letters once I realized “grease tin” is an important instruction, and the cinammon-dusting really is an essential step. And that’s the point, really. Beyond the wikitionary for twitter recipe-sharing, there is a whole lot of inference in figuring these little gems out. But that’s half the fun. A puzzle and a cooking lesson all in one.

While I’m pretty sure that “twecipe books” aren’t going to replace the standard recipe tomes that line our kitchen shelves, this is yet one more example of the way technology is changing language and language is changing the ways we relate to each other. I am really curious about whether this book has managed to keep some of the traditional cookbook “chattiness” about it, or if it’s as sterile as 140 character missives can be. But that remains to be seen, doesn’t it? If I don’t manage to win a copy in the contest posted above then I’ll just have to buy one and find out.

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