Locally sourced saffron?

Safflower emerging

Well, not quite saffron. But safflower. Which is a thistle-like flower I decided to grow in the garden this year. I could have grown saffron crocus instead, but the notion of having to grow hundreds of crocuses in order to get a few grams of saffron pistils made me a bit mental, so instead I’m going with the safflower. It’s just starting to bloom now and I guess once we’re at the high point, I’ll harvest and dry (my bookshed has become a bit of a drying room because it gets so much sun). Apparently it imparts the colour of saffron, but you need to use about eight times as much in a recipe and the taste isn’t quite up to par. But I *love* the idea of growing my own spices.

One Comment on “Locally sourced saffron?

  1. we have extra screens kicking around. let me know if you need any more for your drying room.

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