Bumper Crop of the Week: Beans

Wax beans - yellowAdmittedly, my edamame plants haven’t been doing so well as of late. Spindly plants, mottled with brown spots. Clearly there is something about soya bean growing I just don’t understand. But my other bush beans? Wowza, they are green and luscious and making loads of beans which are just at their ready-to-eat point.

I planted four kinds of bush beans this year: black beans, mixed wax beans, edamame, and dragon tongue (which can be eaten fresh or dried). I think there’s a total of 10 square feet planted in beans right now, with the earliest plantings producing handfuls of yellow and purple beans. Haven’t seen any green beans come up yet (which should have come in the mixed package), and my dragon tongues and blacks are still aways off from fruiting.

Just needed to share their loveliness before we start picking them!

Dragon Tongue beans

3 Comments on “Bumper Crop of the Week: Beans

  1. I had the same problem with Soy. I suspect it might be a soil bacteria thing. I’ve heard that soy needs a different type of bacteria than the other beans, but you can innoculate your garden by taking a shovel-full of dirt from someone else who has successful soy. Without the right bacteria, they can’t get the nitrogen they need, resulting in the “sick” look.

    Either that or I was just lazy about watering them, which was also a distinct possibility for me. 😉

  2. Oh interesting. I definitely thought they looked nitrogen deficient. I don’t know anyone growing successful soy but I did throw some more organic fertiilizer pellets at them on the weekend. Hm. Perhaps soy is not for me.

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