Subscribers. And Amazon.

I’ve noticed recently that notifications haven’t been going out to subscribers which I thought was the result of a wordpress upgrade and my failure to backup some aspect of my old folders. Turns out, it was a database error which only got worse until everything was fully corrupted. Yesterday someone in my collective restored everything, and I noticed last night when I was fooling around with an older post that my post-notifications are working once again!

The post I was fooling around with was an old book review post because I’ve finally decided to take a small step towards monetizing my blogs with the Amazon Associates program. I’m coming clean here so that you know when you purchase a book via one of my Amazon links on this site, I get a credit towards book purchases. That doesn’t mean I’m going to do more book reviews than I already do, or recommend things I normally wouldn’t, but I the links in my reviews and articles will go back to Amazon if you are interested in purchasing the books I talk about. I’m not expecting to get rich by this or anything, but it would be nice to support some of my terrible reading habit through my blogs if at all possible!

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