Getting married.

In case you were wondering, yes. We are still getting married at the end of September though until this last two weeks we have done almost nothing about it. Really, it’s a wedding in two parts, with the most planning needed for the smallest (official) ceremony with the family – so what else do we need to do besides book a place and get an officiator?

Well, of course there’s rings and dresses and wine and food planning and – oh yeah – the marriage license…. which we’ve got on a long list of details we have to check off. Oh, plus we have to choose/write vows that aren’t cheesy or religious or embarassing.

But at least I’ve now got two of my biggest stresses over with – the dress (last weekend), and the rings (ordered yesterday). Because some of you have asked, and because I’m feeling showy – here are pictures of the rings and the dress (thank-you Internet). Now we just have to buy wine, the marriage licence and finish up the vows. Oh, and food for the after ceremony bit. At least it’s a small wedding!

3/4 length, I have gold sandals and a taupe wrap to go with this.
My wedding band - silver and gold.
Brian's wedding band. Silver with a gold spinner.

6 Comments on “Getting married.

  1. I confess that I immediately emailed the link for that Etsy shop to my partner… We haven’t fully decided on whether or not we even want rings in the first place, but echoing Brahm’s comment: Wowza!

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