Lovely weekend.

I’m having a hard time getting going this morning – Mondays are sometimes just like that but after a busy weekend – even worse! But at least I had a lovely and productive weekend to show for my exhaustion today. Sometimes I just feel truly blessed for my life – the love of it, the work of it, the friends and good fortune I’ve had over the past little while.

Starting with Thursday, Brian and I went to see Biographies of the Dead and Dying at the Fringe (Havana venue) – a friend’s play that I would definitely recommend about the processes of living, writing, death all told against the backdrop of a supposedly haunted house on Vancouver Island. Although some of the staging choices were questionable in that they overshadowed the acting and dialogue, overall this is a well-scripted and interesting piece of theatre – and a hell of a lot better than a lot of what plays at the Fringe.

Friday night was spent sortof working – demonstration for UNITE Local 40 at the new Coast Hotel on Hastings Street (Coast is closing their Stanley Park location, firing all the workers and opening a new hotel with new workers just down the street) – and then out for dinner with some union folks.

But Saturday! Saturday was a small breakfast, a hike to Dog Mountain (up on Seymour – 6 km, 2 hours rountrip), grocery shopping for an impromptu dinner party, building more raised beds for the back garden and preparing food for the aforementioned dinner affair. The dinner started with drinks and a meteor sighting from the backyard, progressed to a dinner that turned out pretty well (with the exception of the dinner rolls which would have been fabulous if the dog hadn’t eaten them all before people arrived), and ended late in the night with some singing around a small fire in our backyard. The only hitch to the day was a sofa-bed purchase that wouldn’t fit into our house after all and which Brian bruised himself trying to manipulate through the doors for over an hour….. but at least now we’ve got a sofabed for the studio when we finish it next year 🙂

And Sunday was breakfast in bed by the wonderful boyfriend (I was somewhat hungover from the night before), a drive out to Fort Langley for a union function, and then a trip to the nursery to purchase plants for fall planters and landscape fabric for the next iteration of our backyard project which starts next weekend. Had a brief dinner, a bath and climbed into bed early to read one of the last chapters of Tess of the D’Urbervilles, capping off what was an excellent and restorative weekend despite all the running around and work we did on the yard. I’ve several garden blog posts with photos in my mind at the moment, so will try and get some of that up today as well for more reading on the home front. Lovely weekend though, really.

One Comment on “Lovely weekend.

  1. I’m completely beaming reading this post and feeling great gratitude for this life too. It was such a treat to celebrate life in general with you and B. on Saturday night and A. and I loved you coming to the play. I raise my cup of tea to you on this cozy September night and say, Here’s to good friends and to the good life… may we always be so blessed!

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