Garden Planning.

Garden Boxes
Garden Boxes

Mmmm. So many garden things on my mind at the moment, many of which will be posted about this week. But for now, the garden plan!

I started the boxes above last weekend and got those first two finished before Saturday’s downpour. This weekend I completed two more and B. also chipped in and finished the last two last night – so now we have all six of our raised bed boxes built using fencing planks we bought for cheap off Craigslist and galvanized hinges from Lee Valley (which were not cheap). Each of these boxes is four by four feet, 18 inches deep – and yes, I am aware that I don’t *need* 18 inches of depth for the sake of the plants. It’s an aesthetic decision, really, because I like tall garden boxes and I wanted the top of the boxes to be almost level with the garden bench we are planning to install in the center of the whole thing.

In any event, we’ve got six boxes and the next part of this project is to mow the lawn down short on the left half of the backyard, cover it with a couple layers of newspaper and a layer of heavy-duty garden cloth. I’m going to try to salvage as many plants on the fence-line as possible by working around them, but I’m afraid some of the summer flowers will have to go. I did move all my herbs into a planter yesterday in preparation so they won’t end up damaged or overshadowed by the boxes. Atop the fabric will go a mulch layer all the way to the back of the yard and then we will be ready to position and fill the boxes with dirt.

I am quite excited to get some actual landscaping action going on in the back, and having boxes that I can plant as early as the spring will allow which is why I’m working hard to get this done before the rains come. My preference in spring is much more to just get out there with my starts and seeds rather than having to till and turn everything first. Sunday is going to be my lawn covering day, I suspect that I won’t get the dirt into the boxes until the first weekend of October though – I may order it earlier and just try doing an hour in the evenings after work for a couple of weeks. We’ll see how this weekend goes first.

Note to self:
Order minimum of 3 cubic feet of bark mulch for ground layer and 5 cubic feet of vegetable garden blend for boxes. Can also get away with 3 cubic feet of soil and 2 cubic feet of fill if the expense is too much. Calculator is here:

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