Sprucing it up.

On a whim, it’s all new again! As much as I loved my last theme, I’ve been feeling ready for a change lately. Time for something that takes advantage of tags and comments, and gives me a little more design flexibility. Thanks to the folks at BytesforAll, I am now sporting the Atahualpa Theme and I’m glad to say it installed with no muss and no fuss! Easily customizable, and loaded with options – which is a nice change from some of the themes I’ve worked with in the past. Part of my desire to change hinged on the fact that my wordpress is in some need of updating and I’ve found updates using K2 as a theme in the past a little too labour-intensive. Usually it involves updating wordpress, updating K2 and then updating whatever style I was using at the time. My preference was to eliminate at least one of those steps…..

Still have to get on the WordPress install though – will probably drag my feet on that one just a tad longer. The new banner photo is a panorama taken on Flores Island – looking up at Mt. Flores from Cow Bay beach. I’m going to work on some more header images shortly as this theme has automatic photo rotation built in.

Besides the flickr plugin on the right-hand side, you will also notice that I’ve activated the comments widget as well which means the last three comments will display on the home page right above the tag cloud. I’m excited to use all three of these features as a way to highlight my photography, your thoughts, and the myriad subject areas this blog has been covering since May 2004. Unfortunately I wasn’t tagging way back then and I’m torn about spending the time tagging 1000+ posts just for the sake of my data fetish.

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