Quick status.

I think Brian is going to write about the Iron Maiden show we went to last night so I won’t bother except to say that 1) it triggered my crowd phobia, 2) it was uber-male, even beyond what I thought it would be, and 3) I am really glad I wore earplugs. Not the worst experience of my life by far, yet I doubt I will be attending another heavy-metal stadium show anytime soon. I just can’t deal with that many people in one place, the heat, the smoke, and the machismo – no matter how good the stage show is going to be..

I am finding that I have little to say this week – personal updates more than political ones being the norm. But that’s okay I suppose. Mostly I’m starting to feel the weight of my new union position as the obligations to be here and be there are piling up. Events that I would have begged out of a year ago are now a part of what is expected of me and I am quickly losing the time that I need for friends and relaxing. Which is one of the reasons that I’ve started scheduling exercise in, cause if I don’t it just doesn’t happen in between everything else.

I’m feeling a little squeezed though at the moment, and hoping that no one is offended by my absence from pretty much everything lately. I do want to hang out. I really do. It’s just difficult to do everything at the same time.

6 Comments on “Quick status.

  1. Me too. Jealous. Wow. Are you saying that you didn’t feel compelled to sing the chorus to “Run to the Hills”?

  2. *lol* You are a hard woman. I’m sure Brian appreciated you taking one for the team, anyway. 🙂

  3. ha ha …you couple of rednecks (being one myself I of course recognize it :)….just wanted to let you know that I am interesting in doing the blog project but can only commit to one a month…I am going to do a restaraunt review of the Pho place near 7-eleven….talk to you soon

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